Emma and Maximilian were the most popular baby names in 2019


In 2019, Emma and Maximilian topped the charts of first names given to newborn babies in Austria, as Statistics Austria reports. This result is based on the list of first names in original spelling and without special characters. In total, names of 41 372 newborn girls and 43 580 boys were analysed. Parents chose the name Emma 766 times (1.9%) for girls and Maximilian 841 times (1.9%) for boys. Emma reached the number one position for the first time since entering the top ten in 2010. Maximilian topped the list for the third time since entering the top ten in 2005.


Inflation decreased to 1.4% in August 2020 (HICP: 1.4%)


In August 2020, the inflation rate was 1.4% (July 2020: 1.7%). Significant summer sales for clothing had a dampening effect on the August inflation rate. Housing, water and energy (+2.3% compared to August 2019) remained the most important price driver, followed by expenditures for restaurants and hotels (+3.2%). The index level of the consumer price index 2015 (CPI 2015) was 108.0 in August 2020. Compared to the previous month, the average price level decreased by 0.2%.


Causes of death 2019: mainly age-related causes; one quarter died due to cancer


A total of 83 386 people died in Austria in 2019, 51% of them women and 49% men. As a result of steadily increasing life expectancy, both men and women died of diseases related to older age. The most common causes of death in 2019 were cardiovascular diseases (38.6%) and cancer (24.6%), which together accounted for almost two thirds of all deaths. Other important causes of death were diseases of the respiratory organs (6.3%), injuries and poisonings (5.5%) and diseases of the digestive organs (3.6%).



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Government surplus 190.7%

Government debt 1970.4%

HICP 191.5%

Long term interest rate 190.06%