Statistics Austria has collected data about tourism for some 130 years – the first statistical records relating to tourism at spa resorts date from 1875. A national tourism survey (excluding spa tourism) was carried out in 1890 for the first time.

The tourism and travel data compiled by Statistics Austria comprises four core areas as follows:

  1. Accommodation (annual stock statistics; monthly statistics on arrivals and overnight stays)
  2. Travel habits (holiday and business trips by Austrian citizens)
  3. Travel balance of payments (expenditure on domestic and outbound tourism, balance)
  4. Satellite systems (tourism satellite accounts (TSA) for Austria and selected federal provinces; TSA employment module)
26.11.2021Summer season 2021 ends positively compared to 2020, still below pre-crisis level of 2019PDF75 KB
11.11.2021Economic importance of tourism varies from region to region; three federal provinces are above the Austrian average in 2018PDF86 KB
29.10.2021Number of nights spent in September 2021 at pre-crisis levelPDF74 KB
28.09.2021Tourism summer season 2021: 20.7 million nights spent in August mark a record high PDF74 KB
23.09.2021Number of holiday trips declined in the first half of 2021 despite upturn in the second quarter PDF38 KB
27.08.2021Tourism summer season 2021: total nights spent below pre-crisis level, more nights spent by domestic guests in JulyPDF75 KB
28.07.2021Second pandemic June brings an increase in overnight stays compared to June 2020, but is clearly below pre-crisis levelPDF74 KB
20.07.2021Tourism in Austria still reached around 7.5% of GDP in 2019, total spending amounted to €38 bn PDF79 KB
16.06.2021Summer holiday trips 2019-2021: domestic holiday trips and trips to Italy popularPDF37 KB
28.05.2021Tourism winter season 2020/21 registered a decrease in nights spent of 90,7% to 5.57 millionPDF72 KB
04.05.2021Holiday trips declined by almost the half in 2020; declines related to holiday trips abroad significantly higher than for domestic tripsPDF35 KB
28.04.20212020/21 winter tourism season continues to stagnatePDF74 KB
26.03.2021Current tourism winter season 2020/21: almost total loss of nights spent PDF73 KB
26.02.2021Current tourism winter season 2020/21: closures of accommodation establishments led to a decrease in nights spent of 92.3% to 2.6 millionPDF72 KB
27.01.2021Nights spent in 2020 dropped below the 100 million mark; number of guests almost halved PDF74 KB
22.01.2021Sharp decline in bed occupancy in the tourism year 2019/20PDF74 KB
23.12.2020Tourism winter season 2020/21 started with a sharp decrease of 80% in nights spentPDF72 KB
10.12.2020Travel habits summer 2020: less holiday trips abroad, Austria remains popular; every fourth holiday trip led to friends or relativesPDF38 KB
04.12.2020Austrian winter tourism largely depends on German and Austrian guests; Tyrol and Salzburg are most popular destinationsPDF76 KB
27.11.2020Tourism summer season 2020: one third fewer nights spent than in the previous season; nights spent by domestic guests at a high levelPDF73 KB
27.10.202014% fewer nights spent in September 2020 despite an increase in resident guests; nights spent in the current summer season 2020 almost a third below the previous year's levelPDF76 KB
13.10.2020Holiday trips of Austrians dropped by almost half in the first six months of 2020PDF89 KB
28.09.2020Nights spent in August 2020 down by 11.2% year on year; nearly a quarter more nights spent by resident guestsPDF77 KB
28.08.2020Half time tourism summer season 2020: 21.5 million nights spent ( 44.6%); resident guests cushion decline in July ( 17.4%) significantlyPDF91 KB
27.07.2020Tourism summer season 2020: number of nights spent in June decreased by 59%PDF88 KB
29.06.2020Tourism summer season 2020 started in May with a 90% decrease in overnight stays compared to the same month last yearPDF87 KB
28.05.2020Almost one fifth fewer overnight stays in the 2019/20 winter season PDF86 KB
06.05.2020Austrian summer tourism largely depends on German and Austrian guests PDF77 KB
28.04.2020Decreases in current tourism winter season 2019/20 due to lockdown in MarchPDF74 KB
02.04.202053.2 million overnight stays and 14.5 million arrivals in the current tourism winter season 2019/20PDF75 KB
28.02.2020Current tourism winter season 2019/20: 33.5 million nights spent and 9.9 million arrivalsPDF85 KB
27.01.2020Tourism in Austria reached new record levels with 153 million overnight stays and 46 million guests in 2019 PDF89 KB
16.01.2020More than 1.1 million beds in about 68.000 accommodation establishments in tourism year 2018/19PDF87 KB

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