Regional data by Federal States

Among the Austrian federal states, the largest share of imports was registered in Vienna (€35.30 bn, 24.5% of the overall Austrian imports), according to preliminary results by Statistics Austria for the year 2020. Upper Austria (€27.31 bn, 18.9%) and Lower Austria (€23.67 bn, 16.4%) recorded the second and third highest import shares. With more than one quarter, Upper Austria had the largest share in the overall Austrian exports (€36.67 bn, 25.8%). Styria was the federal state with the second highest export values (€22.26 bn or 15.7%), followed by Lower Austria (€20.82 bn or 14.7%) and Vienna (€19.43 bn or 13.7%). Five of the nine federal states showed a foreign trade surplus for the reference period. Upper Austria had the largest surplus (€9.35 bn), followed by Styria (€5.08 bn) and Vorarlberg (€2.78 bn).

Currently, regional foreign trade data by federal states are available for the years 2010-2019 (final data) as well as for the year 2020 (preliminary data).

Starting with reporting year 2010, Statistics Austria compiles on behalf of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) and the nine Austrian federal states regionalized foreign trade data by federal states. In order to calculate statistically reliable regional foreign trade data which are in compliance with the principles of the national official statistical institution, individual records are matched and reassigned by resorting to already existing data sources.

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